Vetenskapliga artiklar


Aktuella vetenskapliga artiklar som berör arbetet inom barnhälsovården.

Parents’ experiences of a health dialogue in the child health services: a qualitative study, Linda Håkansson, Mariette Derwig &  Ewy Olander, October 2019 

Modifying a language screening tool for three‐year‐old children identified severe language disorders six months earlier, Laleh Nayeb 2019

Malin Ståhl, Inger Kristensson Hallström, Malin Skoog, Andreas Wilhelmson, So, the circle has grown’ – Child Health Services nurses’ experiences of giving parental interviews with nonbirthing parents

Anders Hviid Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism- A Nationwide Cohort Study, Ann Intern Med. doi:10.7326/M18-2101, 5 March 2019

Heléne Appelgren Engström, Elisabet Häggström-Nordin, Catrin Borneskog, Anna-Lena Almqvist - Mothers in Same-Sex Relationships Describe the Process of Forming a Family as a Stressful Journey in a Heteronormative World: A Swedish Grounded Theory Study maj 2018

Olsson Kristiansson S, Wijk S, Alsén P,  Participation in parental group support offered by the Child Health Service in Sweden: A qualitative study, mars 2018

Tell J, Olander E, Anderberg Implementation of a web-based national child health-care programme in a local context: A complex facilitator role 19 mars 2018

Språkfyran - Development of a language screening instrument for Swedish 4‐year‐olds Ann Lavesson, Martin Lövdén, Kristina Hansson, 7 februari 2018

Berlin A, Rosander M, Frykedal Kf, Barimani M Walk the talk: Leader behavior in parental education groups Nursing & health sciences, 2018

Malin Skoog There is something in their eyes - Om sjuksköterskor i barnhälsovårdens erfarenheter av att identifiera förlossningsdepression hos invandrarmödrar som inte talar svenska, 25 januari 2017

Child health nurses experiences and opinions of parents Internet use: Lotha Valan, Karin Sundin, Lisbeth Kristiansen, Mats Jong, publicerad 17 januari 2017

Barimani M, Vikström A, Rosander M, Forslund Frykedal K, Berlin A Facilitating and inhibiting factors in transition to parenthood - ways in which health professionals can support parents Scandinavian journal of caring sciences 2017

Wallby T, Lagerberg D, Magnusson M: Relationship Between Breastfeeding and Early Childhood Obesity: Results of a Prospective Longitudinal Study from Birth to 4 Years 2017

Child healthcare nurses believe that bilingual children show slower language development, simplify screening procedures and delay referrals, Laleh Nayeb 2015

Elisabeth Mangrio och Karin Persson Immigrant parents' experience with the Swedish child health care system, 13 december 2016

J Tell, MPH, RN; E Olander, PhD; P Anderberg, PhD; J S Berglund, MD, PhD; Nurses' Use of a Web-Based National Guide for Child Health Care, Computers, Informatics, Nursing, May 2016

Magnusson M, Lagerberg D, Wallby T, No widening socioeconomic gap within  a general decline in Swedish breastfeeding. Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala University, Uppsala Central Child Healthcare Unit, Uppsala Akademiska Hospital, Uppsala, 2016

Berlin A, Törnkvist L, Barimani M Content and Presentation of Content in Parental Education Groups in Sweden The Journal of perinatal education 2016

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